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Scottish Dance Band
Scottish Country Dances, Ceilidhs, Weddings & Corporate Events

Freya Stonehouse
Rhythm and PR

Freya attended her first Scottish dance at the age of 8 weeks, and has been actively joining in with bands ever since, whenever owner Ann is fiddling.

The best-remembered member of Strathallan, she particularly enjoys meeting and greeting her hundreds of fans, and helping them out with buffet snacks and left-overs.

She has recently taken on an apprentice, Rosie, who she is whipping into shape ready for public appearances. She has found that training a tiny apprentice is quite exhausting, but rewarding work.  

(When not out with her public, she occasionally supervises playtime for both Rosie and her brother Bertie, owned by Ann’s brother, which she finds even more exhausting, but fun!)