Strathallan formed in January 2007, and quickly made a name for high quality and exciting dance music, and always with a cheerful smile! It’s a reputation that we’re proud to maintain as we continue in our fourteenth year, playing across Southern England, into the West Country and South Wales and further afield.

Strathallan plays for country dances, grand society balls, parties and weddings, and we are equally at home with Scottish, English, Irish and American music. We took our name from the lovely estate of Strathallan School in Perthshire, where Ann lived as a child, and our tartan is the modern ‘Heart of Scotland’.

Since co-founder pianist Martin Cairns retired, Chris and Ann have played with various line-ups in the band, including pianist Alex for a number of years. We’re particularly pleased to have a pair of super-talented newcomers join the band officially in 2021 – Ann’s nieces, Anna and Amber, ensuring that the laughter and good music will continue!

A caller and piper can be provided on request.
The band has adopted the modern tartan, ‘Heart of Scotland’.