Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Booking Confirmation
We usually send out a booking confirmation form 12 months before your event. We will not consider bookings to be confirmed until we have received back our booking confirmation form, signed by the hirer. If we fail to receive the booking confirmation form back, in reasonable time, your booking may be cancelled. (We will always contact you before this point.)
The Booking confirmation form contains the following information from us:
The contact address, organisation name (if a dance club), and full contact details of the hirer, the date of the event and the fee.
We require the hirer to supply the following information, and return it on the signed form:
Venue address, Start time, End time, Name of MC, and any additional details you think might be helpful.e.g. any peculiar power requirements for unusual events, if the venue is likely to be cold, or parking requirements.

We do not charge a deposit, however the fee confirmed on the booking confirmation form is due in full by the end of the event. Please make cheques payable to Mrs C. Oxtoby.

Dance Programme
We would appreciate the dance programme, if you are providing one, to be emailed to Chris Oxtoby at least one month before the event. This allows us to source any obscure original tunes.

In the unfortunate event that you cancel your confirmed booking, before the event, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable cancellation fee. (If we are booked by another party for that date, then we may waive this charge.) The cancellation fee will be due on the original planned event date. Terms for cancellation fees are as follows:
4 months before event date: 25% of fee2-4 months before event date: 50% of fee3-8 weeks before event date: 75% of fee3 weeks or less before event: 100% of fee
If during adverse weather conditions the band are unable to travel to the booking, no cancellation fee will be incurred and the band will endeavour to accommodate a re-scheduled date for your dance.

In the event of illness prior to the booking, of any of our booked musicians, Strathallan reserve the right to substitute with another musician of our choice, where possible. We cannot accept any responsibility in the event of preventions of performance caused by accident/illness on the way to an engagement or delay en route through no fault of ours or ‘acts majeure’.

Our equipment is well maintained, and we carry spares for many items of amplification, however for reasons of space cannot carry a complete set of back up equipment and instruments. We cannot therefore accept liability should any equipment failure at the event causes us to be unable to perform.

Covid 19

In common with many other bands we are adopting a policy of not charging cancellation fees where events are cancelled due to Government restrictions imposed as a result of Covid 19.  Where possible, we will do our best to substitute band members who are self-isolating, but sometimes this will not be possible. We would endeavour to be fair and straightforward.